After Maldives, Srilanka Certified Malaria Free Nation by WHO

On monday, Srilanka was declared malaria-free nation and will receive a certificate from World Health Organization (WHO) on September 6.

The certification will done at the 69th session of Regional Committee For South East Asia in Colombo.

After Maldives which has been free from disease since 1984, Srilanka became the second country to eradicate Malaria.

The last Malaria case was noticed on October 2012 in Srilanka.

The nation brought the malaria cases from 264,549 in 1999 to Zero in 2012 November.

How is Malaria Transmitted?

Malaria, which is a parastic disease transmitted to people through the bite of an infected female anopheles mosquitoes. Symptoms include fever, diarrhea,  Nausea, vomiting, cold and headache.

Symptoms Of Malaria

How Srilanka became Malaria Free Nation?

In recent years, all fever cases were tested for malaria and each case sheet was notified with the Anti Malaria Campaign, which was monitored by the Ministry of Health.

Anti-malarial medicines were only available with the AMC, which compelled the private health sector to notify all cases.

Further, AMC ran a 24-hour hotline to notify, track and treat the patient in isolation to stop further spread of infection

A strong public health system, sanitation and roads lowered mosquito breeding and took treatment to people in the remotest of places.

On the other hand, India is still no where on its verge on eradicating Malaria. There’s alot for India to learn from the Island nation on step-to-step procedure to eradicate Malaria.

As of 2014, 535 people scumbbed to Malaria in India.

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