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Malta Domestic Plane With 111 People Onboard Hijacked

As per initial reports, two hijackers were there

A passenger plane has been hijacked and forced to land in Malta after two men threatened to blow up a hand grenade.

The Libyan domestic flight carrying 111 (82 Men, 28 Women and 1 Infant) people has landed at Malta International Airport after being hijacked. The Airbus A320 was flying inside Libya for Afriqiyah Airways when it was diverted.

The deputy mayor for Lija in Malta, Madga Magri Naudi,said that- the hijackers had yet to make demands.

A special committee meeting was taking place to address the situation, she added.

In the meantime, Malta International Airport has been closed and all flights have been diverted.

The airport said emergency teams have been dispatched.

“The Afriqiyah flight from Sabha to Tripoli has been diverted and has landed in Malta. Security services coordinating operations,” Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said on Twitter.

Malta International Airport tweeted: “MIA confirms there is an unlawful interference at the airport. Emergency teams dispatched”.

Maltese government sources told AFP that a single hijacker was on board and had told crew that he had a grenade. The hijacker said he would release the passengers as long as his as yet unspecified demands were accepted.

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