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Adolf Hitler’s Phone Sold For Over Rs 1.6 Crore At US Auction

The phone is put up by auction through Alexander Historical Auctions house.

Adolf Hitler’s personal phone, recovered from the Fuhrer bunker in Berlin in 1945 after the fall of the Nazi regime, sold at an auction in the US for $243,000.

Soviet soldiers gave it to British officer Sir Ralph Rayner as a souvenir shortly after Germany surrendered. Rayner’s son, who inherited the phone, put it up for sale.

The Alexander Historical Auctions house sold the device to an anonymous highest bidder in Maryland on Sunday. The phone was kept in a briefcase in the English countryside since 1945, reported Efe news.

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In the catalogue, the phone was described as the most destructive weapon of all time, which sent millions (of people) to their deaths and the phone was put up on the auction at a base price of $100,000.

Adolf Hitler Telephone Auctioned in US

Adolf Hitler Telephone

On the back of the phone, the name Adolf Hitler is clearly seen in capital letters, engraved next to the eagle and the swastika, the symbol of the Nazi Party.

“It would be impossible to find a more impactful relic than the primary tool used by the most evil man in history,” the auction house said in a statement.

In the same auction, a porcelain figure of an Alsatian dog, which also owned by Hitler – fetched $24,300 and it was bought by a different bidder.

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