Social Networking Giant Twitter Eyeing For Sale And Looking At Salesforce And Google For Buyers

One of the main Pillars of social networking sites, Twitter is likely to be available for sale. This may be surprising for many, but Twitter is in crisis at present. With no new users coming and an absence of a strategy to attract new ones, Investors are losing interest in the company. Since last year, many top executives left as they think the path Twitter is taking is reaching nowhere.

Twitter is undergoing a state of crisis from recent years with no new feature or any new users. They tried to turn the table by live streaming NFL and also promised to live stream all the Presidential debates. Even it received a positive reaction, it is not enough to boost Twitter forward. This resulted in the situation where Twitter has to take a decision whether it can survive this highly competitive Social networking or give up to a new company for a better management.  With all the Advertisers, Users and investors flocking towards Facebook, Google etc. promising companies, Twitter decided it is no longer good to continue the struggle.

File Photo Of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Based on a value of Microsoft’s LinkedIn deal, Twitter is worth $16.7 billion.

With the Twitter ready for the takeover, Who are the Potential Buyers? According to Techcrunch, there are four possible buyers namely,

  1. Google
  2. Salesforce
  3. Verizon
  4. Microsoft

But with Microsoft buying Linkedin and Verizon buying Yahoo , Google and Salesforce are the most probable buyers. While Google is a well-known company, Salesforce which is an American cloud computing company may not be well-known. But many experts are betting, Salesforce is the best buyer as its primary area is cloud computing and Twitter will offer it a social media platform for expanding itself. Even the head of Salesforce tweeted the perks of buying Twitter, which is interesting.

Overall, Twitter is in talks with multiple Banks and companies and a decision will be made soon. Let us hope, the little Blue bird reaches the right Nest.


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