Apple will be Releasing New MacBooks Soon And May Ditch USB Ports: Reports

Amid all the expectations about a new MacBook from Apple, recent leaks suggest that it may be true. Macbooks are not mentioned in the iPhone 7 launch event even. This made many think that there will be no MacBook this month. But the leaks suggest otherwise.

According to the reports, a new MacBook will be launched with a new MacBook air along.

The new MacBook is said to contain a USB type C port and 3 Thunderbolt ports. The prime focus in this MacBook is the absence of USB port. Yes, Apple did it again, like id did with Headphone jack for iPhones. The Apple will also be ditching company’s Magsafe charge connector. But the thing that is relaxing is the presence of Headphone jack. Yeah it is there, for now. Many are expecting that Apple may include more than one USB type C port.

The new MacBook will also feature a new “Dynamic Function Row” which allows users to use touchscreen OLED strip which features dynamic options that replaces the function keys on the top. The MacBook will also be slimmed by using a flat keyboard design.

And the MacBook Air, will come in obly one variant i.e 13-inch version. The prime reason for killing 11-inch version is to favour the sales of 13-inch variant. This device will also be USB disabled with USB C type port.

These two devices are likely to be launched on October 27. Let us see how Apple will design the new MacBooks.

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