Apple iPhone 7 Plus Now Has Potrait Mode, Thanks to New Update IOS 10.1

Apple’s iPhone camera is the one of the best every time it releases a new phone every year. It stands apart from other devices and cam even sometimes surpass some dedicated cameras. But one of the desired camera feature Portrait mode is ignored sometimes.

This happened with this year as Apple said it will release Po trait Mode later this year and many thought it may not show up soon. But to their surprise, a portrait mode is included in the iOS update, IOS 10.1. The feature leverages the dual cameras of the iPhone 7 Plus to generate images which have visibly shallower depth of field, excellent for Portraits.

The portrait mode reportedly works only when the subject is in a limited range. If you get too close, the phone will ask you to step back and if your subject is too far, it will ask you to place the subject within 2.5 meters. The portrait mode is also reported that it requires more light than the normal mode. The Po trait Mode may not be suitable to all subjects as the mode has some prerequisites and it requires a lot of energy to work.

At present, this feature is still in beta and hence the final operation and features may change and will be more likely be optimized. If you are one of the eagerly waiting people, just update to the latest version and have a go at it.

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