Students Beaten For Not Standing During National Anthem In Chennai

Three students beaten up for not standing during National Anthem in theater at Chennai.

A group of college students were allegedly beaten and threatened inside a cinema hall in Chennai on Sunday because they didn’t stand when the national anthem was playing in theatre. The incident is the first such case being reported since the Supreme Court order made it compulsory for all cinema theaters across the country to play the National anthem before the screening of a movie and for people present to stand up while it is being played.

The students have been charged for insulting the anthem, a crime that can send one to prison for three years according to acts. No action has been taken against who have allegedly attacked them. From the group of 20, four boys and four girls were attacked during the 11.30 am show of “Chennai 600028 II”.

The Hindu reports that the seven allegedly took selfies while the national anthem was being played inside the cinema theatre in Chennai’s Ashok Nagar. This reportedly led to a fight with another group of movie-goers who objected to this.

Meanwhile Chennai Police registered a case under provisions of the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971, against the accused.  As per The Hindu reports that police action was taken only after a patrol team saw two groups of movie-goers fighting outside the theatre.

Members of both groups were taken to the Ashok Nagar Police Station for an inquiry, reported Hindu.

Earlier, Supreme court reacting to a PIL filed by Shyam Narayan Chouksey seeking directions on while National Anthem being played in theatres said, by exempting physically handicapped persons from standing before the screening of a movie in cinema halls across the nation. It also clarified that doors of theatres need not be bolted when the National Anthem is played.

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