News Anchor Reads Out News Of Her Husband’s Death On Live News Accidentally

News anchor Supreet kaur

On Saturday morning, Supreet Kaur a 28-year-old news anchor with Chhattisgarh’s private IBC-24 channel, was reading her regular 10 am bulletin. Soon after she was fifteen minutes into the show, she was asked to carry a breaking news update. Regarding a Renault Duster SUV had crashed, which left three dead and two injured.

Even though the identity of the passengers of the SUV was not known immediately, Ms Kaur realised she could be reading out the news of her husband, who would travel along with four others on the same route, in an Renault Duster. Surpreet read the breaking news of her husband’s death in a road accident yet she did not let her emotions come in between.

“She is an extremely brave lady. We are proud of her as an anchor, but what happened today has left us in shock,”Hindustan Times quoted one of her colleagues.

The editor said the staffers had come to know that her husband was dead while she was reading the news. “But we did not tell her. We did not have the courage,” the editor explained.

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