I Had Criticised Jayalalithaa And Hurt Her During 1996 Elections: Rajinikanth

The Super Star Rajinikanth, Who is celebrating his birthday today, his denouncement of J Jayalalitha and her politics during the 1996 assembly elections caused her distress and defeat, Super Star Rajini said, with tinge of regret.

During the 1996 elections, Rajinikanth said, “If Jayalalitha is voted back to the power, even God cannot save Tamil Nadu”. The Nadigar Sangam ( South Indian Artists’ Association) has organized a condolence meet for the former chief minister on sunday. In that program Rajini has told, “I had criticized her hurt her. I was an important reason for her defeat”.

Rajinikanth added that when his daughter Aiswarya’s marriage was planned to happen at his house at Poes Garden, he wanted to invite his neighbor J Jayalalitha but was embarrassed because of the things allegedly he had said. “We got the appointment the very next day. I thought the invitation was only a formality and she would not come”, he added. “She told me that a wedding at a party man’s family on the same day but she would postpone that and come for Aishwarya’s wedding, ” that kind hearted lady is no more among us,” Rajini said.


The Superstar said Jayalalithaa was one of the few who turned trials into triumph. Having lost her father at the age of two and mother 20 years later, she has overcome various challenges including having no family but achieved fame now whole world talking by hard work in a male-dominated society, he said.

“She is like a Kohinoor diamond. All the criticism and suffering polished her. Despite the pressure from a patriarchal society, she shone like diamond and now she rests, like a Kohinoor diamond, besides Puratchi Thalaivar MGR’s memorial,” Rajinikanth concluded.

As he himself recounted in his apologetic condolence meeting on Sunday, all that happened subsequently were personal — Jaya treated him well when he invited her to his daughter’s wedding and that changed him. Between good manners and politics, he chose the former. He never spoke ill of her again. The rest of the story is about a happy ending.

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