Very Soon You Can Find The Nutrition Levels Of Every Food You Take Through A App

Union health ministry is all set to launch an app to show the nutrition levels in food

Are you always in doubt of which food has the more nutrition value? Always end up in googleing it? Well, no more worries as the union health ministry has come up with a solution for you.

Soon anyone can find out the nutritional value of their food before cooking or ordering it from a restaurant as the Union Health ministry is set to launch a mobile app to provide this information.

The proposed app will be linked to the revised Indian Food Composition Tables-2017, which was unveiled by Union Health Minister J P Nadda, who termed it a “historic” moment as India now joined the league of nations having its own complete food composition database.

Developed by National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), under Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the IFCT-2017 provides nutritional information on 151 discrete food components for 528 key foods.

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The App, which will provide values of calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugar, key vitamins among other nutrition-linked parameters for various foods, is expected to be ready for release in about two months, senior NIN scientists said.

“The 2017 food composition tables will be the backbone for this App,” said Soumya Swaminathan, director general of the Indian Council of Medical Research, NIN’s parent institution.

The tables, revised by the NIN after 46 years, list the values of dietery fibre, vitamins, carotenoids, minerals, starch and sugar, fatty acids, amino acids, among several other nutrients in various foods commonly used across India.

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