Scientists Discovered A New Organ In The Human Digestive System

mesentery was initially found by Leonardo Da Vinci centuries ago, but no proofs were there then

Irish scientists have identified a new human organ that has been hiding in the plain sight in human digestive system for hundreds of years.

Although they came to know about the structure of this new organ, its function is still poorly understood, and studying it could be the key to better understanding and treatment of abdominal and digestive disease.

Known as the mesentery, the new organ is found in our digestive systems, and was long thought to be made up of fragmented, separate structures. But recent research has shown that it’s actually one, continuous organ.

“In the paper, which has been peer reviewed and assessed, we are now saying we have an organ in the body which hasn’t been acknowledged as such to date,” said J Calvin Coffey, a researcher from the University Hospital Limerick in Ireland, who first discovered that the mesentery was an organ.

“The anatomic description that had been laid down over 100 years of anatomy was incorrect. This organ is far from fragmented and complex. It is simply one continuous structure,” added calvin.

Mesentery, a new organ founded by scientists in Human digestive system


According to Coffey, mesenteric science is a separate field of medical study in the same way as gastroenterology and others.

“Now we have established anatomy and the structure. The next step is the function. If you understand the function you can identify abnormal function, and then you have disease. Put them all together and you have the field of mesenteric science … the basis for a whole new area of science,” said Coffey.

The Full published Research can be seen here.

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