When Was The Last Time You Clapped? Health Benefits Of Clapping

Health benefits from clapping

All of us have done this – Be it at celebrations, results, and many more occassions. Clapping. Yes, clapping has alot of benifits to better your health condition.

Surprised…! We all know that there are several pressure points in our body which are directly connected to various organs that are there in our body. When we press these pressure points, these affect the particular organs connected to them and help to heal these organs.

There are twenty eight pressure points present in our hands. When we clap, end up stimulating these pressure points and in turn affecting the organs connected to them.

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Following are some of the ways, How Clapping Helps Your Body?

-> Clapping hands can help you get relief from heart disease and lung related problems like asthma.

-> Clapping boosts your immune system by strengthening the white blood cells in the body, thereby                 helping your body defenses against infections and illnesses.

->  Clapping also helps improve children motor skills – neat handwriting, less spelling error, etc.

->  Clapping hands everyday, say for half an hour, can be beneficial for people with certain conditions              such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, arthritis, headaches, insomnia and hair loss.

->  Clapping has also been found to cure digestive issues.

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