Here’s How To Get Rid Of Your New Year Hangover

Image showing a man slept unconscious after a party hangover

Most of you have this problem. Especially now. After a long night of hard partying and celebrating the New Year, most people can’t get rid of their hangover.

Well, do not worry – we will help you.

-> Drink Some More:

Well, you may thinking, how does this help? This is the most controversial remedy that one gets after a hang-over. But, it’s true. So you should have another drink so that the ethanol displaces the methanol making you feel better. So, just have another drink.

-> Re-Hydrate:

Hangover itself is a sign of that your body is dehydrated. Staying hydrated will alleviate the headaches, dizziness and light-headed feeling that result from a hangover.
So, just drink plenty of water/coconut-water, which ever drinks are rich in electrolytes.

-> Eat Bananas:

As many people know that bananas help restore the body’s potassium levels that helps to replenish the body with vitamin B and one of the easiest way to get rid of it.

-> Take A Pain Killer:

Firstly make sure you avoid Acetaminophen, due to liver-damaging reactions with alcohol metabolites.

Aspirin or ibuprofen are both fine choices if you have a headache and make sure you read the instructions before you take one.

When you are hungover, avoid foods that are heavy or oily, since they increase the feeling of nausea.

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