Artificial Kidney To Be Available Very Soon In India

Artificial kidney to be available in India very soon

Artificial Kidney is on cards and may hit the market by the end of the decade. Many people with chronic kidney disease are sustaining by dialysis. The artificial kidney would be a huge relief for thousands of patients suffering from it.

As the stats, nearly 2.5 lakh persons in India die due to kidney problem and cost of treating them through dialysis or kidney transplant is very high in India.

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The device being engineered in the US will go through a series of safety and efficacy trials on hundreds of patients in that country before it is approved by the FDA, University of California San Francisco researcher Dr Shuvo Roy, co-inventor of the device, said at the Tanker annual charity and awards night on Wednesday.

Giving the details of the device- he added, “It can be implanted in the abdomen powered by the heart, is designed for filtration of blood and to function like other kidney.”

ICMR director general Dr Soumya Swaminathan said the Union health ministry has been working with engineers at various IITs to develop solutions for various health problems in India. Tanker Foundation honoured young scientists and doctors with awards for their contribution in the field of nephrology.

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